Artists Helping Artists

Yesterday afternoon I went to a free jazz concert/art exhibition in the park.  I was again reminded of how wonderful and sharing the artistic community really is.

I think that deep down inside I sometimes foolishly want to keep all of my art “secrets” to myself in fear that someone may steal them and get all the credit for my discoveries.  As if “I” were the first to think up this genius way of making art.  What a knucklehead I am sometimes . . .

Then I am gratefully reminded of what a pleasure it is to share information, links, tips and advice with other artists.  Yesterday I met quite a few wonderfully open people that were inspiring both in their work and their willingness to share.  Chris Greene <> was a really cool artist from Vegas that gave me some incredibly helpful advice on spraying polyurethane.  Please check him out when you have a moment.

I also received a great link this afternoon by an artist in Toronto, Canada named Dave Zak <> he recommended <> a great website to get the creative ideas flowing.  I recommended Artslant to him and he is now a member here, so check him out – what a great community we have!  I’m so happy to have found y’all . . .  Peace