Blogging at first may seem to be a waste of time.  At least this was my first take on it.  Why would someone want to read my opinion?  I already have so many things that I want to accomplish and so little time . . . blah blah blah.

But I have found that by blogging, I am connected to the outside world without having to actually leave my studio.  (Time saver) There are some people interested in my words.  And this is good for my art business!  Just as when I read someone else’s blog I usually get something great from reading it.

The important thing in all of the arts is communication – telling a story, expressing ourselves.  Why not use words as well as paint?  (They are a heck of a lot cheaper).

When we tell true stories in our blogs, it can help in so many ways.  I have gotten shows from people that have read my blogs, sold merchandise, got gigs, found out about important events, galleries, showcases, new techniques and I’ve also made some great friends along the way too, both by blogging and reading someone else’s blog.

Commenting on someone’s blog (hint, hint), or getting in touch with the artist is the easiest way of insuring that we all stay connected, stay informed, learn and help each other.

Does the phrase, “It’s not what ya know – it’s who you know” ring a bell?  And the more that we connect with people, the higher our chances are of connecting with the right people.  The people that we click with.

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Los Angeles I have to meet a dozen or so (much more usually) people until I find one that I would go have coffee with.

So if I have inspired you a little to write a blog, drop me a line and say hello.  It will be excellent to meet other persevering artists and check out your work.

Peace through art! – Sky


P.S.  The peace sign was invented in 1958 by British artist Gerald Holtom.  He drew a circle with three lines inside, intending the design to be a symbol for the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War (DAC).

: )