Motivation To Begin Creating

Do you ever feel that you need to do something and you even want to begin the task, but just somehow it is so difficult taking the initial step to get the ball rolling?  I have had that happen more times than I’d like to say, but I think I’ve found a solution!


It’s not that I don’t want to begin or that I’m lazy.  I think it has something to do with the fact that I am currently involved with some other creative act and switching gears is the hard part.  For instance if I am working on a painting and I’ve had my hands in paint, soap, thinner and plaster for a couple of days, sitting down to update my catalog on the computer does not sound like something I’d like to dig into.  Especially after being outdoors in the sunlight all week. You know, like when you get that rush of creative adrenaline after looking back at your work after a long hard day in the paint.


I wrote a little post it note and put it up in my studio to glance at whenever I need a little push.  It says, “Get a little help switching gears.  Music, photo’s, thought”.


I have found that whenever I want to switch into another mode of creating, getting a little creative inspiration really helps.  If I want to write, maybe i’ll check out a few posts on the web.  If I want to sit down and write a new piece of music, I’ll listen to a piece of someone elses music that I enjoy.  If I need a nudge to go and practice the violin, I’ll infuse a thought in my mind about how every minute spent practicing is like depositing money in the bank.  Eventually I’ll have a billion dollars of time invested in a beautiful tone.


This sounds simple . . . and you know it is!  All I have to do is remember to get a little help switching gears and off I go . . .