Unlimited Belief

What a cool title for an art blog!

This best describes how I’ve been operating the past few years.  I came up with another saying a couple of days ago too, “Make art now – ask questions later”.  I think I came up with that one on my way to the hardware store just before I shelled out quite a bit of cash on some new tools and materials.

I always get a little nervous before I make a significant purchase.  I think it’s because I feel so damn good when I’m making art it’s as if I’m doing something wrong!  Sheer bliss it is.

In order for me to be able to continue, I have to have belief in what I’m doing, plain and simple.  If I’m second guessing myself all of the time this means that I’m not taking risks and if I’m not taking risks I’m not making good art.  If I’m thinking about what other people are going to think or say about my art . . . I’m definitely not making good art.

Don’t get me wrong, I want people to like it but I have to love it myself first.  If I love it, and I mean really love it and want it hanging in my house, then I am certain that there will be others who love it too.  I know that some people are gonna hate it, but that’s ok, because that’s what art is about.

Here is my mantra:

Believe in your own thoughts, ideas, magic, dreams, tastes, innovations, talent, style,

Most of all, believe in your ability to be yourself.